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Translational Medicine @ UniSa (ISSN 2239-9747)


Translational Medicine @ UniSa

is the Official Journal of the Medical School of the University of Salerno. Dissemination of scientific and medical research is quicker and smoother in open access on-line journals and thus TranslationalMedicine has been developed as a forum for the free and open international exchange of progress in Medicine. Translational research is a set of processes aiming to bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and clinical medicine by harnessing and integrating advances in basic and medical sciences, and converting them into novel approaches for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and also to provide feedback from clinical observations to experimental basic biology research. To this aim the Journal welcomes all health-related papers concerned with the pre-clinical subjects and medical sciences as well as the studies in multiple basic science areas that include but are not limited to molecular and cell biology, genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology.

The journal publishes:

  • Original papers
  • Educational articles giving information on the progress of a topic of particular interest
  • Discussion on technology, methods, new apparatus and modifications of standard techniques
  • Correspondence concerning matters of topical interest (as case reports) or relating to published material.
  • Reports of meetings
  • Announcements
  • Study protocols (clinical or experimental) approved by research ethics committees, approved and financed by grant giving bodies

The journal is open for publication of supplements and for publishing abstracts of scientific meetings. Conditions can be obtained from the publisher.

All articles submitted for publication in supplements are subject to peer review. Published supplements are fully searchable and freely accessible online and can also be produced in print.

All articles published by TranslationalMedicine are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, with registration limits but without subscription charges.


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Translationalmedicine @ UniSa
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